von 30.01.1998 bis 07.03.1998
Ausstellungsübersicht, Sabine Bitter, Lewis Baltz, Margherita Spiluttini, Joachim Brohm, Helmut Weber, Anne Zahalka, Jennifer Bolande, Victor Burgin, Philip-Lorca di Corcia, Andreas Gursky

Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber
video projection

The assumption that the city at the end of this century is going through a phase of radical change raises the question whether this is actually a crisis, an awakening or a sort of euphoria in the wake of demise. Or whether (what seems more likely) this has to do with everything at once.
To call into question the city as such does not abolish the existing city, it only reassesses what is already there and what is emerging. Why photography? The built city and the rules according to which people live in it change much slower than the economic conditions and political and social goals or values. What changes more quickly is the perspective from which the phenomena of our urban realities are perceived. The exibition should reflect on this sensitive issue of observation.

The experiences gained with urbanist or urban planning projects provide a thematic framework. Notions such as living, labor, traffic are, inter alia, expressed in architecture, their subjective use as well as in "mediating objects" which express these relations in a radically abbreviated form.
The way the individual relates to the whole, from architcture to the external space, from people to their environment, is closely linked to the disappearence of fixed boundaries between private and public sphere and to a different perspective. It is this other perspective of photographers and of the viewers of photographs that resulted in this selection of works of the exhibition.
Photography is twofold observation. First Photographer views something, than the viewer the photograph. The subject matter directs viewing to a particular field, while the many layers of the individual works lead beyond it.
Karl Meinhart

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