Natacha Lesueur (FRA)

von 04.06.1998 bis 05.07.1998
Ausstellungsübersicht, Natacha Lesueur
Natacha Lesueur


This is the Galerie Fotohof’s first exhibit of the works by the French artist Natacha Lesueur. The show features selected examples of her photographic works which represent a symbiosis of body parts and edible decorations. She uses the stylistic means of fashion and commercial photography in order to convey, upon first glance, an already known aesthetic to the viewer.

Only upon second glance does the viewer decipher Leueur’s vision: various foods are alienated from their original purpose and used as body decorations: slices of smoked ham are turned into a flower, which is worn in the hair, fish skin is used as a hairnet, sausages are woven into a hairbraid, stockings and socks are crafted from jellies and sweets, head coverings are made out of vegetable aspic. A reference to the contemporary "body modification" trend, only that foods are used instead of ink and metal for tattoos and piercings: an aesthetic that is reminiscent of Peter Greenaway and Pedro Almodovar. Her large format photographs treat the omnipresent French worlds of fashion and haute cuisine with irony.

In a group of earlier works, Natacha Lesueur shows us traces of self-inflicted patterns, left behind on the skin by ill-fitting "fashionable clothes;" in new works we find culinary delicacies which are transformed in an unusual manner into fashion on the body and into Natacha Lesueur’s suggestion of a new lifestyle.

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