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Archive Info

The FOTOHOF>ARCHIV was opened in April 2015 and houses mainly photographs by Austrian, but also selected international artists. Negatives, digital data, documents and all materials that enable a representation of artistic development are collected at this location.

FOTOHOF>ARCHIV, Präsentationsraum, © FOTOHOF


The  FOTOHOF>ARCHIV is  a “working archive” – in addition to the archival storage of prints, negatives, slides, digital data and documents in air-conditioned cold rooms, the complete workflow of photo productions is also presented.


Work Spaces

In the repro room, copies can be made of photographic originals and digital media, as well as HiRes scans of negatives and slides. In the workroom, digital image processing is carried out and exhibition prints and facsimiles are produced and processed. The analogue darkroom offers the possibility of B/W film development and the production of B/W prints. A presentation room with direct access to one of the cold rooms allows curators to look through archival materials, sort and group prints and hold small courses and information events. The document room contains books and documents on the artists collected by the archive and on the exhibition history of the FOTOHOF. There is also a guest flat for curators and researchers who want to work longer in the archive.

FOTOHOF>ARCHIV, Analoge Dunkelkammer, © FOTOHOF

Archive Online

The FOTHOF>ARCHIVE makes a large selection of the collected pictures and archive material publicly available via the website without any access restrictions:
Under the menu item ARCHIVE PICTURES, there is a database with a representative selection of the images in the archive. Additional images and metadata can be viewed via a password. Under the menu item ARCHIVE DOCUMENTS you will find a database with documents on the exhibition history of the FOTOHOF. Further documents on the collected artists can be viewed on site. Under ARCHIVE FILMS you will find information and interview films on the artists of the archive.


Contact & Visiting

For the use of the archive, please contact FOTOHOF.

Sparkassenstrasse 2
5020 Salzburg
Email: archiv@fotohof.at
Tel.: +43 662 849296 or
Kurt Kaindl, Tel.: +43 699 18420124