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Andrea Witzmann

Installationsansicht, Andrea Witzmann, © Andrew Phelps
Installation view, Andrea Witzmann, @Andrew Phelps

Viennese artist Andrea Witzmann has been dealing with scenarios of a worn-out consumer world for more than twenty years. Photographing her found objects in a documentary style, she not only gives them the necessary attention of a possible crime scene« through her factual (but also repeatedly arranged) presentation, but also elevates the objects to poetic panel paintings through pictorial composition, subjective colorfulness and subtle light. In 2020, Böhlau Verlag published her book »wien.herzschlag« (vienna.heartbeat) with works from the city and her own literary texts.

Andrea Witzmann, “Mapplethorpe to Go“, 2022, C-print, 100 x 134 cm