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Fritz Lorber




In his artistic work, Fritz Lorber deals with what is close to him, what has left its mark on him. Photos (9x13cm) are glued on top of each other, next to each other and towards each other, 80-100 appoximatively., you don’t count them. Each tableau has its own color, its own temperature, its own value. One circles the world of its father: the lovingly observant gaze is never melancholy or sentimental, it collects signs, mixes them together – a story begins to tell itself, quietly, deliberately, never for a moment intrusive or blatant. Viewers stay tuned, catch themselves on excursions, return to a single image. Little by little, the artist’s theoretical conception is revealed. Lorber’s way of working is physically reproduced, as it were: going there, going away, changing one’s point of view, allowing oneself to be completely absorbed, then again the brittle, distanced gaze.
from: Gottfried Goiginger, FOTOHOF Info, issue 3/1986