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City of Women


Elfie Semotan, Véronique Bourgoin, Antoine d’Agata, Deborah Schamoni, Linda Bilda, Risk Hazekamp, Miroslav Tichy, The Hole Garden

Installationsansicht, »City Of Women«, 2007, © FOTOHOF

Véronique Bourgoin has invited several internationally renowned artists to the exhibition “City of Women”, most of whom are associated with Silverbridge (Royal Book Lodge) and question the future of women, their place and their role. “City of Women” presents a variety of productions, visions and reflections that destabilise patriarchal, gendered roles and official representations of women in our time.
The exhibition “City of Women” is part of an extensive project supported by the European Union that has linked a number of partner organisations and individual participants in a processual work context since summer 2006. Under the responsibility of ATELIER REFLEXE in Montreuil near Paris, led by Véronique Bourgoin, Nina Korhonen, Rainer Iglar and Dirk Bakker, a series of workshops took place under the title EU WOMEN.

Elfi Semotan, »Elfriede Jelinek«, Archival Pigmentprint
Gelatin, »Gelatin women 007«, 2007, Silvergelatine Print, 120 x 90 cm

Artistic interventions and contributions to the workshops: Sandy Amerio (F), Michel Auer (CH), Eugen Bavcar (SI) Charlet Kugel (CZ), Véronique Bourgoin (F), Rainer Iglar (A), Mat Jacob (F) Nina Korhonen (FIN/S), Jean-Louis Leibovitch (PL/F), Hubert Sauper (A)

Workshop participants: Silva Bingaz (AM/TR), Manuela Böhme (D),Thomas Brosset (F), Sophie Carlier (F), Gaëtan Chevrier (F), Rémy Comment (B), Julia Collaro (I), Vanessa Deflache (F), Philippe Dürr (F), Laïla Escartin Hamarinen (FIN), Marie Eschenbrenner (A), Charlotte Hjorth-Rhode ( DK), Ruben Garcia Gomez (E), Rodrigo Gomez Reina (P), Yanis Houssen (F)

Partners: Cobertura Photo (E), Agence Editoriale Internationale (CZ), Maison Populaire (F), Fabrique des Illusions (F), Support Agentur (D) The results resulted in a book and were or will be presented in several exhibitions such as the photo festival in Lodz (Poland), Cobertura Photo (Sevilla – Spain), Instants Chavirés (Montreuil – France), Maison Populaire (Montreuil). The book and the project will also be presented in the form of a projection at the Fotohof.

Curated by Véronique Bourgoin