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Peter Kubelka


Die metrischen Filme als Bilder (The metric films as images)


Peter Kubelka is a filmmaker, musician, chef – and he combines all these disciplines in a universal theory of art. Peter Kubelka’s work, an impressive synopsis of various art movements, manifests itself to a great extent in legendary lectures and performances – after all, he distrusts the written word and prefers the physical presence of spoken language.
Kubelka has become internationally famous above all as a filmmaker. Although his filmic oeuvre – apart from a few commercials – only comprises 38.5 minutes, it is one of the most important achievements of international avant-garde film. His films will be screened for the first time in Salzburg during an evening event. The lecture of this evening deals with questions of photography, film and film theory.
The issue of the second evening is cooking as a world view. Anyone who opens the lecture catalogue of the Frankfurt Art Academy – Kubelka is professor of film and cooking at the Städelschule – will be surprised to find the unusual title Essence and Significance of Material for Cooking and Other Art Genres here. Since the early 1960s, the co-founder of the Austrian Film Museum (Vienna) and the Anthology Filmarchive (New York) has combined film lectures with cooking classes at numerous American universities such as Berkely, Harvard and the Chicago Art Institute. (Because cooking requires effort and concentration . “Cooking,” Kubelka says, “is a good guide for artists . It demands discipline and a sense of quality – qualities that are also decisive in artistic work.”).

Die Musikstunde (The Music Hour)

“A concert that is not only enjoyable but also conveys a world view. A lecture that is not only theoretically formulated but also tastes good. I address the senses and the common sense.” (Peter Kubelka)