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Birgit Graschopf, Caroline Heider, Markus Guschelbauer, Michael Strasser, Nina Rike Springer, Eva Thebert, Nikola Hansalik, Micha / Martin Payer / Gabriel

Installationsansicht, »DISPLACE«, 2007, © FOTOHOF

The group exhibition “Displace” shows eight positions of young photography from Vienna. In order to provide an overview of current art production and to identify trends, a selection was made from among students and graduates of Vienna’s art universities and the School of Artistic Photography, Vienna.
The curatorial focus is on works that deal with spaces and places in different ways, with their non-existence, with changes and their location in space.

Michael Strasser, »Raumgestalten«, 2005, C-Prints auf Aluminium
Micha Payer / Martin Gabriel, aus der Serie: »Unwelten«, 2006, Lambdaprints