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Heidi Harsieber, Miklos Boros




“EXPOSED” combines two very different perspectives on the issue of eroticism and sexuality.

Heidi Harsieber

The images by the Viennese artist Heidi Harsieber swim against the tidal wave of erotic images that surrounds us every day. In stylistically very diverse series that often border on abstraction, the artist addresses issues such as desire, sex, dignity, vulnerability, age, lust, voyeurism and physicality. Many of the images clash with what we are used to seeing; they are unsettling and affecting, creating space for thought.

Heidi Harsieber, from the series: “Immer schön brav”
Heidi Harsieber, from the series: “Immer schön brav”

Miklos Boros

The Linz photographer Miklos Boros worked for two years on the portrait on a woman, a single mother of three, who for a while worked as a go-go dancer after finding herself in financial straits.
“Boros’ attention focuses on specific situations, looks, gestures, details, rooms and constellations. He seeks neither to moralise nor to comment. Instead, he allows the documentary approach to create a narrative quality which gradually fills the space in particular that exists between the photographs.” (Martin Hochleitner)

Miklos Boros, aus der Serie: “Notstand”, 2009