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Joachim Brohm, Werner Feiersinger, Lea Sonderegger


Werner Feiersinger »Korzo«

Werner Feiersinger, sculptor and photographer, is showing photographs of utopian projects of industrial architecture and landscape design in Istria under the title »KORZO«. »The many industrial buildings – high-rise buildings, petrochemical plants, ships, coal storage facilities, port buildings, steel structures – tell of the history and development of these places, but also of the failure of political ideologies and utopias. The associated political background subtly resonates as a parallel narrative.« (Feiersinger)

Werner Feiersinger, untitled, 2022

Lea Sonderegger »norm«

In contrast to Feiersinger, who only shows outdoor spaces, the young photographer Lea Sonderegger deals with the interiors of Viennese administrative facilities, offices, entrance halls, waiting areas, canteens, etc. in her group of works entitled »Norm«. »In my photographic work, I document a built environment that determines the everyday lives of a large proportion of people. (…) The photos are not representative of the building depicted in each case, but I was interested in capturing the specific type of administrative space.« (Sonderegger)

Lea Sonderegger, untitled (norm), 2022

Joachim Brohm »STONED«

A donation from Joachim Brohm to the FOTOHOF>ARCHIV will be presented in the studio, showing the famous stone house on Lake Ossiach by Günther Domenig in its early phase of construction from 1989 to 1994. »STONED« is an extensive series of this iconic building as a built biography of its creator. »After reviewing all my archive material, I decided to re-edit the group of works and, in contrast to my long-standing practice, to present them exclusively in black and white. The concrete sculpture of the shell of the building at the time thus undergoes a further visual transformation.« (Brohm)

Joachim Brohm, »STONED. Das Steinhaus in Steindorf von Günther Domenig«, Fotografien 1989-1994