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Benoît Grimbert

Exhibition view, Benoît Grimbert, 2024, © Andrew Phelps

The exhibition project »Kerstin Flake / Benoît Grimbert« brings together two international positions whose intellectual links probably emerge only at second glance. The Leipzig artist Kerstin Flake stages bizarre plays as a director and stage designer in one person. While the laws of physics only seem to apply to a limited extent in her image series, Benoît Grimbert’s precise photographic tableaus resemble an almost archaeological investigation of urban space. While the Paris-based artist ties his images to the biographies of Jim Morrison and Charles Manson, allowing layers of time and mythological subtext to become mixed up, Kerstin Flake is concerned not only with the play of expectations, but also with the superimposition of past and present, with disappearance and shifting of perspective and meaning.

Benoit Grimbert, “Palm Springs“, from the series: “Horse Latitudes“
Benoit Grimbert, “Los Feliz, Los Angeles“, aus der Serie: “Horse Latitudes“
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Institut Français