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in the Box


Andrew Phelps, Paul Kranzler, Stefanie Moshammer, Randa Mirza, Christian Wachter

Exhibition view, “IN THE BOX“, 2020, © Anna Aicher
Installationsansicht, IN THE BOX, 2020, ©Anna Aicher
Installationsansicht, IN THE BOX, 2020, © FOTOHOF

By mid-March of this year at the latest, most people in large parts of the world had experienced radical changes to the way in which they lived their lives. The social shutdown associated with the requirements of physical distancing entailed a profound change in all areas of life. Paul Kranzler, Randa Mirza, Stefanie Moshammer, Andrew Phelps and Christian Wachter have each responded in very different ways to this new life situation.
Paul Kranzler has focused on the family, home life, life around the house, and on walks. Randa Mirza, whose class at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg is to take place online due to the coronavirus, has chosen to roam about her home town of Beirut.
Stefanie Moshammer has worked on a brightly coloured imagery, including still lifes and collages, images that playfully dissolve the reality of spatial confinement into a world of fantasy. Andrew Phelps features black-and-white photographs of nocturnal walks on the outskirts of Salzburg, introspective images of the periphery. With all the parks in Vienna now closed, Christian Wachter worked on camera-based studies of his apartment.


Stefanie Moshammer, “Aura“, from the series: “I'll Remember To Forget“, 2020
Andrew Phelps, “spring nights, walking. 1.4.20“, 2020

With the production and presentation of these portfolios, we have opted to address a classic form of photographic display: camera images from a time seemingly at a standstill, selected and sorted in a box as a content-related and formal setting.