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Karin Fisslthaler


Karin Fisslthaler

Exhibition view, Karin Fisslthaler, “Karin Fisslthaler/Franz Bergmüller“, 2018, © FOTOHOF

Karin Fisslthaler is showing collages, paper objects and video works that explore the restructuring and transformation of found cinema images and iconic media stars. The focus here is on the work practice of editing, alienation, and collage. Body and body language provide the communication interface between the image and the viewer

Karin Fisslthaler, “Creatures on its own I“, from the series: “Creatures on it´s own“, 2015-2017, Cut-Out & Collage, Fine-Art Print, Courtesy Gallery Raum mit Licht, Vienna

“The insight into the imperfection of human cognitive ability, to which the world in its growing complexity opens up only in fragments from unconnected facets of perception, and in particular the insight that even the wholeness of an individual is not a quantity that can be experienced in real terms, permeates the artist’s entire oeuvre.“ (Heidrun Rosenberg, October 2017)