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Marlene Haring, Harald F. Müller, Marcus Geiger, Lucas Ajemian, Cecile Bortoletti, Axel Huber

Installationsansicht, »MINIMUMZWEI«, 2009, © FOTOHOF

The artist/curator Axel Huber – “a wandering producer of subversion” (Peter Weibel) is responsible for the exhibition “Minimumtwo” as guest curator. Axel Huber has invited the international artists Lucas Ajemian, Cécile Bortoletti, Marcus Geiger, Marlene Haring and Harald F. Müller. Since 1994, an annual exhibition has taken place at the FOTOHOF, which is supervised by a guest curator. Axel Huber is one of Central Europe’s well-informed art nomads. He looked after the Villa Arson in Nice – the most renowned contemporary art center in the south of France – for years and turned it into an internationally legendary exhibition space for young art. He is also responsible, among other things, for the conception and design of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva, Mamco.
He sees the invitation to an exhibition at the FOTOHOF as an opportunity to explore the relationship between art and photography today. »I have often visited exhibitions at the FOTOHOF, they were always very specific presentations – I wanted to lighten that up a bit with my selection… it’s also about humor and not just presenting something, but also about taking something with you and maybe for something to use something else – something that is in motion, like the partially exposed images in Marcus Geiger’s disposable cameras. It’s about the idea, the execution, »MINIMUM ZWEI«…«
The exhibition brings together photography in its purest form, the intellectual origins of which are less to be located in the history of photography, but rather relate explicitly to contemporary artistic strategies. Photography as a historical document, as well as a medium of personal memory, the reflection of the media apparatus, but also the dissolution of the purely technical image are reflected in the exhibition.

Marcus Geiger, »Clegg & Guttmann. The untitled group of executives of a world wide art familiy, Surrealistische Zentrale II«, 1994, Einwegkamera
Cecile Bortoletti, aus der Serie: »Capture (dark room)«, Perdreauville, 2008-2009
Curated by Axel Huber