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Neue Fotografie aus der Slowakei


Robo Kočan, Lucia Nimcová, Marek Kvetan, Dorota Sadovská

Dorota Sadovská, »Korporalits«, 2003, C-Print, 100 x 100 cm
Robo Kočan, »Isle of the Sky«, 2003 C-Print, 60 x 45 cm

FOTOHOF is showing four positions of contemporary Slovak photography that approach the medium with very different pictorial strategies. Starting with a decidedly subjective documentary photography (Nimcová), the exhibition ranges from surreal photographic interventions in the landscape (Kočan) to an examination of the body, which wants to be understood as a process-like sculpture and proliferates into the space on the one hand as a panel image, but also as an extended installation (Sadovská), to the questioning of the photographic image, which mutates into a painterly-looking, abstract image through digital commands (Kvetan). The construction of the fantastic, as well as elements of the documentary, refer to a (still existing) common tradition with the neighbouring Czech Republic, whereby the increasing international networking and the media interweaving of academic offerings in recent years have given Slovak photographic art a distinctive identity.

Lucia Nimcová, »Nuns after the mass of Holy Father (John Paul II.)«, Petrzalka, Slovakia