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Joachim Brohm, Valentina Seidel


Not a House / But a Face

Exhibition view, “Not a House / But a Face“, 2015, © Rainer Iglar

Portraits, interiors and architectures of the fragment characterise the genres of the new photographs by Joachim Brohm and Valentina Seidel. The exhibition jointly conceived by the artists for FOTOHOF Salzburg explores, for the first time, the interplay between photographic works whose motifs defy the descriptions of normative photographic representation.
The objects and people portrayed by Brohm and Seidel are characterised first of all by their unorthodox appearance, and a marginal quality. The works’ compositional precision and subtle colour palette are fundamental formal properties with which both artists hark back to previous works. The interplay between the individual photographs also gives rise to a new interpretative space that opens up potential levels of reflection beyond the documentary principles of photographs. For all the objectivity of the photographic reproduction, in combining their works for this exhibition Brohm and Seidel succeed nonetheless not only in raising the question of reality and identity, but also in examining the recurring question about image and reality as perceived through photography.

Joachim Brohm, "Untitled" (House On Legs), 2015, Pigment-Print, 93,5 x 80 cm
Valentina Seidel, “Simone“, 2011 Pigment-Print, measure varible