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Photographic Selfportraits


Max Aufischer, Linda Christanell, Johannes Faber, Paul Albert Leitner, Ernst Len, Kurt Matt, Sylvia Taraba


Paul Albert Leitner

His poetically exaggerated self-presentations convey an idea of the many other possible role models of the self, the luxury of which is reserved for poets and free-floating people of all kinds in the rational reality of everyday life.

Johannes Faber

In 15 sheets, each with 4 Polaroid photographs showing an unrestrainedly grinning Hannes Faber, he examines the basic expressive possibilities of the human face.

Ernst Len

In his Polaroid series arranged as a picture poem, the painter is interested in the specific changes to his face in the process of artistic work.

Kurt Matt

The pictures from the mid-1970s by Kurt Matt, who is known for his consistently conceptual works, reflect the technical conditions of a photographic self-portrait.

Linda Christanell

We get to know the artist through an »extended« self-portrait: Images of the face, of the body to represent the person were extended to objects, other images, in their complicated linguistic nature resulting in an ultimately necessarily cryptic pattern of an identity.

Max Aufischer

Five sheets, each with one frontal and two side views of the upper body, differing in the accessories, an armband for example, illustrate the mechanisms of identity attribution from the outside.

Sylvia Taraba

Her Polaroid series »Mimesis« is about roles and role images. Based on well-known role models, she rethinks these role models in engagingly artificial sequences of images, which are also fascinating in their bizarre colors, and playfully reflects on her role as a woman and artist.

Poster: 5 years of Galerie FOTOHOF

The original self-portrait posters for the exhibition are presented in a separate room. It brings together (almost) all the photographers who have ever been shown in or through Galerie FOTOHOF. In addition to a purely encyclopedic interest, we were interested in the question: What does a self-portrait mean today? How do the photographers present themselves today?
from: Rainer Iglar, FOTOHOF Info, issue 4/1986