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Road Trip


The exhibition “Road Trip“ is the semester project of students of the FH Salzburg. The works were created in the course of the course “Filmic and Photographic Documentation“ with Andrew Phelps. In this two-semester course, especially the narrative elements of photography as well as the tradition of road trip aesthetics were researched, but then individually defined and partially deconstructed. The theme of “road trip“ is reinterpreted here and presented in photo series or short films. The works are created both digitally and analog and capture the respective journeys, places or portraits in a documentary, but also artistic way.

“Back to the roots“ by Nadine Schachinger, “Reminiscences“ by Elena Hoffmann, “Non Places“ by Micha Elias Pichlkastner, “From something to nothing“ by Marvin Smith, “House of Nature“ Kamilla Beyssembaeva, “Istria“ Frank Schlick, “Streets and bridges“ Till Cortiel, “Fernfahrer“ by Philipp Vill, “Konsum“ by Thomas Traschwandtner and “Coming home“ by Juliane Drehobel and Lukas Eberle, “Walking South“ by Christopher Hosp and Daniel Singer.