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Sissi Farassat


Sissi Farassat

Exhibition view, Sissi Farassat, “Sissi Farassat“, 2020, © Rainer Iglar

In her latest group of works entitled Contactprints, Sissi Farassat explores depictions of vast landscapes (right through to cloud formations), botanical close-ups and the classic idea and conception of humankind. She composes her “contact prints“ generated from the individual frames of each analogue film directly in the camera, and then hand-stitches or embroiders the images. The individually finished surfaces reference the tradition of Persian carpet weaving and knotting, adding a further sensory plane to the unique pieces created in this way.

Sissi Farassat, “Contacsheet Clouds“, 2019, C-Print, 50 x 40 cm
Sissi Farassat, “Contactsheet Banane“, 2020, C-Print, 65 × 75 cm