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Heidi Specker



Exhibition view, Heidi Specker, “Termini“, 2014, © Rainer Iglar

“Termini“, the latest and to date most extensive group of works by Heidi Specker, was created during a one-year stay in Rome in 2010. Heidi Specker uses vicarious artistic positions to formulate the concept for her photographic work as she engages with Italian culture and its history. For her art history reference space the artist opted for the painter Giorgio de Chirico, the photographer and architect Carlo Mollino, and, for the medium of film, Michelangelo Antonioni. All of which results, in “Termini“, in a commingling of motifs originating in different epochs.
Key to Heidi Specker’s unmistakable imagery is the theme of remembrance and intellectual legacy. As objets trouvés, objects are transformed into formulated questions. Surfaces are abstracted into fragments as a result of her photographic precision. Images modify spaces, often through surface close-ups. Heidi Specker creates her coherent imagery by de-contextualising her motifs and her themes and re-formulating them in groups and series.

Heidi Specker, “VIA NAPIONE 2, Motiv XIII“, 2010, Courtesy Camilla Grimaldi