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Édition Gwinzegal


Verlage zu Gast N°2

Exhibition view, “Verlage zu Gast: GwinZegal“, 2021, © Rainer Iglar

For about ten years, the French publisher ÉDITION GWINZEGAL has been publishing photography books. The GwinZegal Art Centre is a center for photography in Guingamp in Brittany. As part of its activities, it publishes three to four books a year, with about fifty publications to date. In addition to independent monographs by, for example, Tom Wood, Stephanie Kiwitt or Malick Sidibé, many book projects are produced in connection with “artist residencies“ by national and international artists, who often focus on the rural area of Brittany, political circumstances, everyday situations of the region and translate them into artistic projects.

 Some publications have been awarded prizes, such as the Prix du livre d’auteur de l’année of the festival Les Rencontres d’Arles for “Ville de Calais“ by Henk Wildschut and the Prix du livre Paris Photo for “Imaginary Club“ by Oliver Sieber.

Tom Wood, “Termini“, © Èdition GwinZegal