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Works published by Edition Galerie FOTOHOF


Heinz Cibulka, Herbert Huber, Kurt Kaindl, Fritz Macho, Kurt Matt, Michael Mauracher, Günther Selichar, Wolfgang Woess, Thomas Zaunschirm


In this exhibition, all ten portfolios by contemporary Austrian photographers published in EDITION FOTOHOF to date are presented together for the first time.
The latest portfolio by Kurt Matt is being shown in its entirety for the first time. The other portfolios – by Michael Mauracher, Heinz Cibulka, Wolfgang Woess, Kurt Kaindl, Günther Selichar, Herbert Huber, Fritz Macho and Thomas Zaunschirm – are displayed in excerpts.
The portfolios are accompanied by brochures with detailed descriptions.
In our smaller second exhibition room, we are showing some sheets from Heinz Cibulka’s Vienna portfolio and the latest work by Wolfgang Woess »My American Mirror- 15 Photographs & Objects«.