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Book Launch in Vienna: Hanna Schimek

> 23.02.2024 7:00 PM

Size is a question of perspective. Even the smallest things appear large when viewed up close. In Hanna Schimek’s atlas of images, arranged still lifes sit alongside works of art history, fragments of text next to textures, vegetation next to molluscs. Everything creeps and grows in Schimek’s photographs, which take on their concrete form between chance and composition. The unpredictable constellations of images that emerge in the process take root inexorably. Colors continue in nuances and shades what can be found as a variation of the still lifes in the image compositions.

Based on the artist’s Instagram posts, the artist book #goodandevil brings together communicating photographs that trace biographical traces. A catalogue raisonné locates the photographs with notes, footnotes and reflections by the artist, evoking paths and detours in the atlas of images. (Stefanie Zingl)

Hanna Schimek #goodandevil, FOTOHOF>EDITION Vol. 354
Softcover, Stumpergasse 53-55, 1060 Wien