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FOTOHOF in Prague

> 07.11.2023 - 08.11.2023
FOTOHOF>ARCHIV, © Helena Kalleitner

07.11.23: At the invitation of Tomas Hurza, the founder of Art-Map, Motahar Amiri will introduce FOTOHOF to the Prague audience in a conversation with Pavel Vančát. The presentation will outline FOTOHOF‘s history, its diverse activities and central role in the field of Austrian photography. Alongside the lecture, a selection of books from FOTOHOF>EDITION will be presented and discussed.
7−9 pm, Art-Map, Vojtěšská 196, Prague, Czechia,

08.11.23: In this lecture, Motahar Amiri, in conversation with Andrea Hrůzová, will discuss »art venues«, with a special focus on FOTOHOF gallery, and »social art«, a case study on »Absperrband«, a post-pandemic open-space art installation that he created in Austria 2021−22.
11−12:30 am, Charles University, department of sociology, U Kříže 8, Prague, Czechia