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Patricia Morosan

> 24.10.2023 12:00 AM

The main prize goes to Patricia Morosan, a photographer and artist born in Romania in 1984, currently living and working between Berlin and Athens. She studied at the Ostkreuzschule Berlin and the Leipzig Academy of Fine Arts.
The photobook (I) Remember Europe is a photographic research that presents the emotional localisation of places that claim to be the geographical centre of Europe. As there are different methods of calculating the centre, as many as seven countries consider their places to be the geographical centre of Europe. Each of them also has a memorial that proves it. These Greographic Centres of Europe are located in Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Slovakia. Patricia Morosan visited these places and invited one person from each of these places and gave them a disposable portable camera to take photographs of these places. The collaborators returned the portable cameras to the artist, creating a kaleidoscope of different impressions, from different parts of Europe.
The very thoughtful design and execution of the photobook, combined with the very topical subject matter, convinced the jury to select this particular book for the main prize.