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Erwin Polanc

Erwin Polanc - 8630 Mariazell

8630 Mariazell


Print 1: 8630, Melanie II, 2016
Print 2: 8630, Blaues Haus I, 2015
Print 3: 8630, Lampe, 2016

After Neumarkt and Eisenerz, Erwin Polanc has taken a photographic look at Mariazell. He has thus approached another remote place in the centre of Austria that, unlike the aforementioned, is committed to the presence of the saint.
The photographic encircling of the place and its protagonists allows a multitude of more or less fleeting aspects to shine forth, often in hard cuts, side by side and on top of each other, around a centre that, like the photograph itself, can no longer be located very accurately. Polanc gives space to this concealment in the centre of his pictures.

Erwin Polanc, *1982 in Neumarkt, Austria. Lives and works in Graz, Austria.


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