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Paul Kranzler - Brut



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“They are pictures of places and people I have known for a long time, whether by blood or by affinity. And places and people which those I know, and people I do not know, in places that are known to me for a long time. One becomes as one is in one’s environment. Relatives are part of the genetic environment and unrelated people who become relatives are the nearest environment at all. The people and rooms and landscapes of the personal environment are also the most photographed motifs in the world. If one is in an environment for a long time, then this is called “home” or “relationship” or “family” or “home” or “cemetery” or “prison” and so on. Perhaps the personal environment is four-dimensional – the three-dimensional space and the fourth dimension, the emotion attached to this (life/people) space.” (Paul Kranzler)

Paul Kranzler, *1979 in Linz, Austria. Lives and works in Linz.


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