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Andrew Phelps

Andrew Phelps - Cubic feet/sec.

Cubic feet/sec.


Cubic Feet/Sec. documents nine boat trips through the famous Grand Canyon that Andrew Phelps took with friends and especially his father between 1979 and 2013. Photography was an important part of each tour. Over these four decades, an archive has grown that now contains several thousand images of this American natural monument. Andrew Phelps has compiled pictures from very different times into a single canyon trip. The ageing of the protagonists takes place against the seemingly timeless backdrop of the Grand Canyon.
Cubic Feet/Sec. is more than a coffee-table book on whitewater rafting, it is a photographic diary of two people, father and son, over the span of half a human lifetime, against the backdrop of the incomparable beauty and grandeur of this unique landscape.

Andrew Phelps, *1967 in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Lives and works in Salzburg, Austria.


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