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Stefanie Moshammer

Stefanie Moshammer - Vegas and She

Vegas and She


Natalie aka Lela, 2014

In an intensive examination of the city of Las Vegas by the young photographer Stefanie Moshammer, an extensive series of images was created, which she has very successfully put into the form of an artist’s photo book that will be published in the FOTOHOF>EDITION in June 2015. Together with Iris Andraschek, Moshammer will also show parts of the series in an exhibition at the Fotohof in summer 2015.
Las Vegas – a Disneyland for adults – the completely artificial city in the Mojave Desert, formerly known as a mafia stronghold, also bears the nickname Sin City and exists as a kind of colourful parallel universe alongside the rest of America. Las Vegas is an epicentre of peculiarities – without an evolved urban culture or a popular heritage, a settlement agglomeration as a gigantic amusement park. Stefanie Moshammer spent two months with her camera in this controversial place and created a fascinating – abysmal – portrait of this art city and its inhabitants in Vegas and She.
Stefanie Moshammer’s images focus on people, with a concentration on details, colours and composition. It is the garish nightshade world of adult entertainment, the world of strippers and the grey areas that exist there. She is fascinated by American (image) culture and takes a confident and playful approach to her series, quoting William Eggleston with wit, just as she herself develops her own personal visual language. At the interface between art and documentary photography, she sees the confrontation with the world as the essence of photography: Seeking out the oddities found in life and holding up a mirror to the world.

Stefanie Moshammer, born 1988 in Vienna, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

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