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Kurt Kaindl

Kurt Kaindl - Abfischen



Kurt Kaindl has become well known for his poetic black and white documentary photography. His topics are old cultural techniques or early industrial areas. Apart from being documentary, these pictures are symbols of human action and creation.
Hans Eichhorn, author and fisherman, has written a lyrical text for the book. The book is completed by an informative text by Peter Fischer-Ankern. He describes the actual “Abfischen” , the historical development, the economic and ecological importance of controlled fishing ponds. All the images were taken at ponds in Lower Austria.

Kurt Kaindl, * 1954 in Gmunden, Austria. Lives and works in Salzburg.

23 × 23 cm,96 Pages
73 B/W images
Text: Hans Eichhorn

Language: German

FOTOHOF>EDITION Bd.: 14 (Otto Müller Verlag)
ISBN: 3-7013-0953-1


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