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Heinz Cibulka

Heinz Cibulka - Analoge / digitale Bildgedichte und Collagen

Analoge / digitale Bildgedichte und Collagen


In this new illustrated book, Heinz Cibulka undertakes a tour d’ horizon of his photographic work. From the analog beginning of his visual language work to very early digital techniques to large-format collages and to new digitally developed visual language poems about Peter Kubelka. The artist’s selection of subjective visual focal points is accompanied by a detailed text by Kurt Kaindl.

Heinz Cibulka, *1943 in Vienna; lives and works in Ladendorf, Lower Austria.

24.5 × 24 cm,168 Pages
100 Colour images
Text: Kurt Kaindl

Language: English, German

Design: Dominik Pichler
ISBN: 978-3-902993-48-9


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