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Markus Krottendorfer

Markus Krottendorfer - Automarket Tbilisi

Automarket Tbilisi


With Automarket Tbilisi the young Austrian photographer Markus Krottendorfer shows in his b/w photographs the protagonists of a used car market in the capital of the Georgian Republic. The interest of the artist on the complexity of social structures and constellations brings him to sceneries that do not represent individual behaviours but collective acts under apparently chaotic conditions. He tries to challenge the possibilities and limits of the replication of realities especially through the pretended impartial medium of documentary photography, but also being part of the events.

Markus Krottendorfer, *1976 in Vienna, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna.

27 × 20 cm,62 Pages
30 B/W images
Edition: 300
ISBN: 978-3-902675-17-0


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