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Manuel Wetscher - Bernards Skript

Bernards Skript


The source material for Bernard’s script are the portraits of a writer in a changing environment. They originate from the travels of photographer Manuel Wetscher with friend and author Bernhard Jarosch, during which they wrote a feature film script together. Diary-like pictorial moments, writing utensils, found objects, gestures, words, landscapes form a narrative. Cut together to form a metaphor for the states that writing puts one in or those that one seeks in writing, they nevertheless persist as fragments that counteract the romanticisation of writing and operate with its abysses, fears and voids.

Manuel Wetscher, *1986 in Schwaz, Austria. Lives and works in Berlin and Brussels.

24 × 17 cm,80 Pages
56 Colour images
Edition: 500
Text: June Drevet

Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-903334-35-9


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