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Peter Dressler - Business Class

Business Class


High standard hotels have different categories of rooms. Business people who travel regularly usually live in a four star hotel (in the business class.). In continuing short stays, a love-hate relationship develops with this seemingly perfect world in which the business people always have to subordinate themselves. When nobody is looking, an uncontrollable urge leads to compulsory actions. A sort of deconstructivism breaks out. The obsession starts with stealing soap, towels and the bath robe and takes on more extreme forms, like dismantling and taking bulky things like the telephone, bedding, lamps and more. Through this growing and extremely neurotic behavior the business man becomes a thief.

Peter Dressler, *1942 in Brașov/Kronstadt, Romania. † 2013 in Prague.

24 × 16 cm,20 Pages
29 B/W images
Edition: 400
ISBN: 978-3-901756-27-6


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