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Ludwig Thalheimer

Ludwig Thalheimer - Costa Rica Time Warp

Costa Rica Time Warp


In Costa Rica Time Warp there are children who Ludwig Thalheimer met when he was in Costa Rica in 1986. He met them in public places, on the streets where they sold newspapers, washed cars, and helped out in their parents’ stalls. These are children who sought refuge on the streets, or those who lived in sheltered gated communities. They all told the photographer about their lives, their desires and their dreams for their future. After more than 30 years, Ludwig Thalheimer wanted to find out, what had become of these children. In 2017 he set out to search for them, found and photographed them again and to record their lives. The book provides an unsentimental yet touching insight into very different individual life of people in the Central American state of Costa Rica.

Ludwig Thalheimer, *1961 in Bozen, Italy. Lives and works in Bozen.

24 × 18 cm,208 Pages
64 Colour images
48 B/W images
Edition: 1000
Text: Maxi Obexer

Language: English, German ( insert), Spanish ( insert)

Design: Hannes Wanderer
ISBN: 978-3-902993-72-4


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