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Reinhart Mlineritsch

Reinhart Mlineritsch - Cover of Darkness

Cover of Darkness


This volume of photography is the third book in Reinhart Mlineritsch’s trilogy of objects both quotidian and foreign. Once again his images capture everyday aesthetic phenomena that hint at something more hidden. The photographer Reinhart Mlineritsch proves to be something of a tracker. He is often to be found surveying abandoned sites, places filled with relics left behind by people and animals. He composes these spaces as symmetrical peep boxes, with the objects showcased as on a stage, thus achieving a heightened presence. With this book Reinhart Mlineritsch follows in the tradition of photographers who use large-format photography to achieve a hyper-real precision. His black-and-white photographs are presented in perfect duotone reproduction technology, offering the possibility of abstraction and augmentation. The accompanying text by Anselm Wagner analyses the work and highlights the methodology of his fine art photography.

Reinhart Mlineritsch, *1950 in Vienna, Austria. Lives and works in Salzburg.

31 × 27 cm,108 Pages
100 B/W images
Text: Anselm Wagner

Language: English, German

FOTOHOF>EDITION Bd.: 33 (Otto Müller Verlag)
ISBN: 978-3-701311-31-6


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