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Verena von Gagern-Steidle

Verena von Gagern-Steidle - Die Antwort des Bildes

Die Antwort des Bildes


With this book Verena von Gagern-Steidle, one of Germany’s foremost auteur photographers, presents an exceptional autobiography. The book combines text and image at the same level. The photographs were selected so that every image could be documented by a word and every word by an image. It all begins with her grandfather’s impact on her love of photography, providing the first of many possible arrangements for the sequences of images of her personal photographic history since the early 1970s. She looks at how the phases of her life are interlinked with photography as a medium, as art, as theory, and as a discrete yet so recent history.

Verena von Gagern-Steidle, *1946 in Bonn, Germany. Lives and works in Lower Bavaria, Germany.

2016,Softcover, dust cover
25 × 19.5 cm,296 Pages
Edition: 1000
Text: Verena von Gagern-Steidle

Language: German

Design: Bucharchitektur Kathrin Schmuck
ISBN: 978-3-902993-31-1


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