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Carlos Spottorno, Guillermo Abril

Carlos Spottorno, Guillermo Abril - The Fault Line

The Fault Line


Carlos Spottorno and Guillermo Abril from Spain have found an special and independent form for their work. The artistic concept of Spottorno and Abril incorporates journalism, literature and photographic art. They publish, among other things, in the Spanish magazine El País Semanal or in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, as well as in fiction publishing houses throughout Europe. Their work is being exhibited in acknowledged art photography institutions.

In 2016 they published a sensational report on the external border of Europe as a graphic novel. This pictorial story combines the subjective eyewitness account with researched facts and an unusual form of illustrative photography; it made them internationally known. The book has so far been translated into five languages and appeared in German under the title “Der Riss”.

As part of INN SITU, the duo created a reportage in words and pictures about the border between Austria and Italy, North Tyrol and South Tyrol. A border which, for the two southern Europeans, is an example of successful coexistence in the middle of the European Union, despite its origins as a result of the First World War and its conflict-ridden history.

The publication accompanying the exhibition at the BTV Innsbruck is a 90-sided and 11-metre-long leporello.

2020,Softcover, Leporello
25.5 × 16.7 cm,90 Pages
∞ Colour images
Edition: 800
HG: BTV Stadtforum Innsbruck, Hans-Joachim Gögl
Text: Hans-Joachim Gögl, Andreas Platthaus

Language: English, German

Design: Martin Kerschbaumer, Studio Mut, Thomas Kronbichler
Published in the series: Inn Situ
ISBN: 978-3-902993-92-2


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