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Jeanne Mandello

Jeanne Mandello - Views of the world

Views of the world


Perspectives of an Exiled German Jewish Photographer 1928 - 1996

The German-Jewish photographer Johanna/Jeanne Mandello trained in 1920’s Berlin, emigrated to and worked in Paris in the 1930’s, felt French by choice, but was in danger in Germany as well as in France during the Nazi regime. She finally found refuge in Uruguay and Brazil before returning to Europe in the late 1950s. She thus had no choice but to become a cosmopolitan person, embracing many different countries and cultures. Her natural sense of curiosity combined with her life experiences opened her eyes and mind to any and all new influences and impressions. With her camera, she engaged with all facets of her exile. She observes, interprets and creates a view of the world through her lens and according to her interests. Although and precisely because a major part of her work was lost in occupied France, it is worthwhile to discover the selection of her work documented in this catalogue which firmly puts Jeanne Mandello among women pioneers of 20th century photography.

Jeanne Mandello, *1907 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. † 2001 in Barcelona, Spain.

22 × 25 cm,88 Pages
∞ B/W images
Text: Sandra Nagel, Marion Beckers, Ute Eskildsen

Language: English, German

Design: Annette Rollny, Annette Rollny, fokus Salzburg, fokus Salzburg
ISBN: 978-3-902993-33-5


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