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EU WOMEN is published and organized by Atelier Reflexe, situated in Montreuil near Paris and directed by Véronique Bourgoin.

In November 2007, a group of young photographers from various European countries were welcomed by the research workshops projected by Nina Korhonen, Rainer Iglar, Jean Louis Leibovitch, Dirk Bakker, Hubert Sauper, Mat Jacob, Sandy Amerio, Charlet Kugel, Juli Susin, Lazare Boghossian and Winfried Heininger.

The publication EU WOMEN groups together a selection of the results of the participants and budding artists, culminating with an exhibition which will take place from September 2007 to September 2008 in well-known galleries and institutions all over Europe.

Artistic interventions and contributions to the workshops: Sandy Amerio (F), Michel Auer (CH), Eugen Bavcar (SLO), Charlet Kugel (CZ), Véronique Bourgoin (F), Rainer Iglar (A), Mat Jacob (F), Nina Korhonen (FIN/S), Jean-Louis Leibovitch (PL/F), Hubert Sauper (A) WorkshopteilnehmerInnen: Silva Bingaz (ARM/TR), Manuela Böhme (D), Thomas Brosset (F), Sophie Carlier (F), Gaëtan Chevrier (F), Rémy Comment (B), Julia Collaro (I), Vanessa Defl ache (F), Philippe Dürr (F), Laïla Escartin Hamarinen (FIN), Marie Eschenbrenner (A), Charlotte Hjorth-Rhode (DK), Ruben Garcia Gomez (E), Rodrigo Gomez Reina (P), Yanis Houssen (F), Elias Linden (S), Raymond Loewenthal (F), Hélène Jayet (F), Lucien Joujou (F), Chryssoula Mamoglou (GR), Marketa Michalkova (CZ), Movistone (EU), Tato Olivas (E), Maryvonne Prestavoine (F), Anne Rehbinder (F), Alberto Rojas Maza (E), Natascha Siegert (N), Margot Wallard (F)

24 × 16.5 cm,
HG: Silverbridge Paris

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-86-3


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