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Valentina Seidel

Valentina Seidel - Exchange. Portraits with Artists

Exchange. Portraits with Artists


›Exchange‹ shows results of Valentina Seidels longterm project: artists, designers and people associated with the arts were photographed at places they could identify with in a special way.

In her project, commenced in 2000, Valentina Seidel investigates which iconographies artists preferably utilize in photographic representations (of themselves).She is interested –as already implied by the project’s title- in interplay, the individual exchange with the persons she photographs: She does not determine the places and poses on the images, but gives them the opportunity and inspiration to show themselves in their respective ambience. The artists, and occasionally, the designers, gallery owners and art mediators invited by Seidel to participate in “Exchange” are actively involved in all the phases of the project and even allowed to help select the final photograph for publication.

Valentina Seidel, *1973 in Regensburg (Germany); lives and works in Leipzig (Germany).

27 × 21.5 cm,124 Pages
50 Colour images
Text: Wolfgang Ulrich

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-94-8


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