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- Eyes on. Monat der Fotografie (Nov 2016)

Eyes on. Monat der Fotografie (Nov 2016)


The catalogue features a selection of exhibitions from the extensive programme organised by Eyes On – Month of Photography Vienna and to be shown in museums, galleries and off-spaces in November 2016.  This year, the programme is being presented for the first time with five focal points to its programme contents. The themes Thin Lines and Borders, Processing Photography, Flash! Boom! Bang!, This Beast Called Beauty, and Beyond Time reflect the different facets of art and documentary photography.
The volume is rounded off with an information section containing addresses and other data.

30 × 23 cm,256 Pages
∞ Colour images
Edition: 1500
HG: Kunstverein Vladimir und Estragon
Text: Thomas Licek, Michaela Obermair, Pia Draskovits

Language: English, German

Design: Maria-Anna Friedl
ISBN: 978-3-902993-28-1


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