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Judith Stehlik

Judith Stehlik - Feel the Body

Feel the Body


The Historical Pose. A Look at Contemporary Female Artists

In her first monograph “Feel the Body”, the Viennese photo artist Judith Stehlik portrays 50 Austrian women artists from a wide range of disciplines and across all generations, thus showing a representative cross-section of the contemporary art scene. In her multi-year photo and film project, she has invited these women artists to engage with images of historical figures since 2013. First, a specific pose was chosen. The working process began with the creation of instant analogue images in order to precisely recreate the pose together. The new gesture developed in this way finds its realization in the timelessly classic bw studio portrait. Judith Stehlik’s work is concluded with a three-minute Super 8 bw film, also a portrait, whereby the artist, without any influence or model, is left entirely to her own devices. Since the invention of photography, the psychological portrait of a person according to external features such as posture and gaze has always been one of the great questions, also for Judith Stehlik: What makes a female portrait or a historical pose? What kind of representation of women does this create?
How does the past characterize itself in photographic representation? As the title of the book makes clear, the models’ portraits are about exploring their feelings in a heightened perception of their own bodies. By creating the possibility of appropriating historical poses for their own examination of the self, the models can thus openly entrust themselves to the act of becoming photographic images in the protective cloak of their chosen models. This opens up spaces for self-dramatization in which the individual expressiveness of each character can unfold.

Judith Stehlik, *Vienna. Works as photographer and cinematographer.
Her focus is on approaching the representation of the invisible and the atmospheric. Her artistic work is based on analog photography and film.

30 × 23 cm,184 Pages
98 Colour images
63 B/W images
50 Porträts, 8 literarische Positionen
Edition: 500
Text: Iris Blauensteiner, Verena Dürr, Marjana Gaponenko, Lydia Haider, Anja Manfredi, Ines Rössl, Clemens J. Setz, Barbara Zema, Maren Lübbke-Tidow

Language: English, German

Design: Lisa Penz
ISBN: 978-3-903334-42-7


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