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Michael Ziegler - Fotografie



Painting, drawing and photography are the media of choice of the artist Michael Ziegler. “What I find particularly interesting about photography is the moment of detachment provided by the technology, the mechanisms of the camera, the chemistry of the laboratory. It releases me. My image format is very small (8 x 11 cm). Just enough to leave a gap in the curtain, and me with it. Something emerges and escapes. Breath held for an instant or the passing of time. A look at the immediate surroundings, a look out of the window, a walk. The forest, the fire, the tower, the washing hanging in the courtyard, undefined marginal areas that summon echos. It’s the spaces in between I’m interested in, crea-ting blank spaces in which something can unfold.”

Michael Ziegler, *1960 in Wels; lives and works in Innsbruck.
Peter Simon Altmann, *1968 in Salzburg; lives and works in Salzburg.

24.5 × 19.5 cm,144 Pages
65 Colour images
Edition: 700
Text: Peter Simon Altmann (Gedicht)

Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-902675-03-3


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