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Nikolaus Walter

Nikolaus Walter - Against the Beds

Against the Beds


Since 1968, Nikolaus Walter has been working on his project “Against the Beds”, which has already been widely exhibited and published in catalogues. Now there is a comprehensive monograph on the subject of human sleeping habits with photographs up to the present day. Each picture allows a new and surprising insight into the bedrooms of the world.
Together with texts by Johanna Ess, Monika Helfer, Andreas Rudiger and Willibald Feinig, the pictures provide deeper insights into the subject of sleep, to which humans devote a large part of their lives.
“These are the stories you can dream up when you leaf through this book. Nikolaus Walter has a loving eye for the empty bedrooms with the white blankets piled up – as if he sees the people sleeping in them behind them.” (Monika Helfer)
Nikolaus Walter, *1945 in Rankweil, Austria, lives and works in Feldkirch, Austria.
30 × 24 cm,160 Pages
134 B/W images
Edition: 500
Text: Johanna Ess, Willibald Feinig, Monika Helfe, Andreas Rudigier

Language: German

Design: Laurenz Feinig
ISBN: 978-3-903334-62-5


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