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Peter Dressler

Peter Dressler - Tangible Beauty

Tangible Beauty


With the increasing desire for adventure and to participate in everything, the urge to own, or at least to touch things, grows. Parallel to these desires the restrictions, such as those found in museums, multiply (general behavior, distance,…). The escape from this situation finally leads the art interested into shopping centers, where touching/contact and acquisition can be realized. At the same time, with the acquired objects, a world identical to the museum opens up, the museum of the present. In this sequence the protagonist stages himself in a subtle erotic scenario in a shopping center in Paris.

Peter Dressler, *1942 in Brașov/Kronstadt, Romania. † 2013 in Prague.

24 × 16 cm,24 Pages
13 Colour images
Edition: 400
ISBN: 978-3-901756-25-2


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