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Norbert Radermacher, Gabriele Rothemann

Norbert Radermacher, Gabriele Rothemann - Hausstellung



The Blaue Lagune is a model house exhibition site outside Vienna, a manifestation of the dream of a financially affordable home as the fulfilment of collective desires and life plans, a dreamland of apparent individuality set within the confines of the industrialised manufacture of different types of detached single-family houses. In November 2009 students from the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and the Art University Kassel were able to use this popular excursion destination, which every year welcomes around 300,000 visitors, as a stage for their artistic interventions. In a two-day exhibition on site, documented in this catalogue, students of the classes of Gabriele Rothemann and Norbert Radermacher presented 24 different works: they included performances, Land-Art, provocative interventions, fake museums and archaeological sites, actionist Body-Art, etc.

19.5 × 14 cm,208 Pages
90 Colour images
HG: Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien
Text: Gabriele Rothemann, Norbert Radermacher, Ernst Strouhal

Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-90675-42-2


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