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Anatoliy Babiychuk

Anatoliy Babiychuk - Horaivka



During his visits to Horaivka, a small town in Central Ukraine, the photographer Anatoliy Babiychuk, born in the Ukraine and now living in Vienna, has been taking photos regularly since 2009. Babiychuk is interested in the modest everyday life of the inhabitants, reflected in the archaic structure of the village life, a kindergarten, an elementary school, a post office, two small shops, a village club and a first aid station. But also the private life, people in their homes, the observation of their traditional rituals and the seemingly contemplative work in the large fields is becoming a prototypical sociogram of a forgotten part of Europe as a result of the photographer’s focused observation. Babiychuk is motivated by his interest in his homeland, meeting new people, their social environment and their ways of life rather then seeking sensation. “I attach great importance to the authenticity of my pictures as well as deliberately refrain from staging.” (Anatoliy Babiychuk)

Anatoliy Babiychuk , *1975 in Sosnivka, Ukraine. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Chervonograd, Ukraine.

24 × 30 cm,148 Pages
98 Colour images
Edition: 800
Text: Anatoliy Babiychuk

Language: English, Ukrainian

Design: Christoph Schörkhuber
ISBN: 978-3-902993-57-1


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