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Angelika Krinzinger

Angelika Krinzinger - Im Detail

Im Detail


Under the title Im Detail, Angelika Krinzinger’s new book brings together her most important groups of works from the last decades. Angelika Krinzinger’s conceptual and intimate photographic series always reflect the inherent conditions and history of the medium. Each photograph shows a section of the world per se, and the world first of all as a surface. Krinzinger’s extreme close-ups, for example in the body details or in breast milk or ambergris, draw their depth from her knowledge of the history of pictorial depictions of the body – her never voyeuristic photography abstracts and shows the possibility of a view of sexuality and physicality in an equally objective and tender way. “The artist gives insight into her photographic work, which is characterized by her interest in the structures and surfaces of animate and inanimate things and is guided by a longing to make size and strength visible, in the small, in the detail. (Verena Kaspar-Eisert).

Angelika Krinzinger, *1969 in Innsbruck, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna.

27.5 × 23 cm,112 Pages
121 Colour images
88 B/W images
Edition: 800
Text: Peter Weiermair, Ruth Horak, Severin Dünser, Silvia Höller, Verena Kaspar-Eisert, Fritz Krinzinger, Jakob Krinzinger

Language: English, German

Design: Nina Ober
ISBN: 978-3-902993-96-0


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