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Christian Wachter

Christian Wachter - Impressions D’AFRIQUE

Impressions D’AFRIQUE


In his artists’ book structured into three sections Christian Wachter uses images from Africa and Europe (created on a variety of media: video stills, drawings and traditional analogue photographs) to address issues of identity and difference, and therefore a highly political topic.

” …My first teacher, Erich Kees, in Graz in 1981, liked to recommend to beginners like myself that, if they wanted to learn more about photography, they should read Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu [In Search of Lost Time]. I now think I understood what he meant. But only several years later, when reading Roussel’s Locus solus and Impressions d’Afrique, I was stirred, and prompted, to think in my own images …” (Christian Wachter, 2006)

Christian Wachter, *1949 in Oberwart (Austria); lives and works in Vienna.

24.5 × 16.7 cm,200 Pages
Edition: 777
Text: Daniela Hölzl, Walter Seitter, Christian Wachter

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-68-9


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